thinking about getting them pierced.

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Fuck what ya heard. My pussy is fucking gorgeous

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She didn’t want me to post this because she squirmed so much. Oh well.

This is so cute. I really love stuff like this.

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charmsmoker cause I feel way too exposed. I’m sure I’ll eventually unlock it but, for now.

This will be private in a few days.

If you want the password message me.


Ladys kik@bigboikinggo me am bored and its my bday need someone to talk too

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Octopus-Inspired Design Ideas

I require all of these.


Would love that ear cuff

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remember when I was complaining because I didn’t have any pics of my ass in my tagged me?

I can’t let this post die.

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MAC X Rocky Horror Picture Collection — I cannot keep up with all of these collections MAC releases lol. I’m not too crazy about this collection from these pictures & others I have seen, but the lipsticks & glitters are something I will probably look into getting.

Release: Online: Sept 29 // In Stores (MAC ONLY): October 2

  • RIFF-RAFF Eyeshadow Palette ($44) 
  • Glitters ($23)
  • Pigment (LE) ($23)
  • Chromagraphic Pencils ($17.50)
  • Greasepaint Stick ($21)
  • Superslick Liquid Eye liner ($20)
  • Lipstick ($17.50)
  • Lip Pencil ($17.50)
  • Powder Blush ($24) (LE)
  • Sculpt & Shape Powder ($27.50)
  • Nail Lacquer ($13.50) (LE)
  • False Lashes (#7)($18.50) 

I need all of this…

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